Zuudee BYD Quality Files

The raw materials are grade 0 titanium sponge titanium ingots from Zunyi Titanium Industry. Each batch of products has complete process records and inspection records from raw material smelting to finished products. In strict accordance with the requirements of the quality system, the traceability and stability of material quality can be continuously improved, and the worries of users can be eliminated. ZUUDEE has complete testing equipment, universal tensile testing machine, hardness tester, metallographic microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector, diameter measuring machine, automatic eddy current testing equipment, spectrometer and other analytical instruments; strictly control product quality.

Titanium for subsea and offshore industry catalogue en.pdf
(Metric) Schedules (ANSI B36.10 & ANSI B36.19) TUBE wallthickness.pdf
ALLOYS FOR OXIDISING APPLICATIONS corrosion_resistant_nickel_alloys.pdf