What Are The Forging Methods Of Titanium Forgings? What Are The Characteristics Of Each?

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What are the forging methods of titanium forgings? What are the characteristics of each?
The main methods applied to forging titanium forgings are free forging, open die forging (die forging with burr), closed die forging (die forging without burr), extrusion die forging, multi-directional die forging, partial die forging, isothermal die forging,etc.
  Its characteristics are as follows:
(1) Free forging. Free forging is generally carried out between two flat dies or dies without a cavity. The tools used in free forging are simple in shape, flexible, short in manufacturing cycle and low in cost. but
, high labor intensity, difficult operation, low productivity, low quality of forgings and large machining allowance. Therefore, it is only suitable for use when there is no special requirement for the performance of the parts and the number of pieces is small.
For large forgings, free forging is mainly used as a billet making process. The free forging billet process can forge the billet into a stepped bar, or use upsetting or flattening
Method to make blanks into simple shapes such as round cakes and rectangles.
(2) Open die forging (die forging with burrs). The blank is deformed between two modules engraved with the cavity, and the general part is confined inside the cavity, and the excess metal flows out from the narrow gap between the two dies.
Burrs form around the piece. The metal is forced into the shape of the cavity by the resistance of the mold and surrounding burrs
(3) Closed die forging (die forging without burrs). During closed die forging, no transverse burrs are formed perpendicular to the direction of die movement. The cavity of the closed forging die has two functions;
The blank is formed and the other part is used for guiding.
(4) Extrusion die forging. There are two kinds of extrusion die forging, forward extrusion die forging and zuudee extrusion die forging. Extrusion die forging can produce various titanium rings. Forgings with high geometrical precision and denser internal structure can be obtained.
(5) Piercing punches make the metal flow outward from the center of the cavity to fill the cavity. There is no burr of ordinary forgings on the parting line of cylindrical parts.
(6) Partial die forging. In order to forge large integral die forgings on the existing hydraulic press, segmental die forging, backing plate die forging and other partial die forging methods can be used. The characteristic of the sub-die forging method is that the titanium cake is segmented segment by segment
Processing, processing one part at a time, so the required equipment tonnage can be very small. Generally speaking, this method can be used to process large forgings on medium-sized hydraulic presses.
(7) Isothermal die forging. Before forging, the mold is heated to the forging temperature of the blank, and the temperature of the mold and the blank is kept consistent during the whole die forging process, so that the mold can be obtained under the action of small deformation force.
large amount of deformation. Isothermal die forging is very similar to isothermal superplastic die forging, the difference is that before die forging, the blank must undergo superplastic treatment to make it have fine equiaxed grains.
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