About BYD
Originated from Zuudee Holding Group since 2008, BYD Titanium is one of the top suppliers of machined and precision engineering products of Titanium and its Alloys.
Zuudee BYD TITANIUM mainly produce titanium , titanium alloy materials and finished parts, ranging from bar,sheet,tubes,disc, flange , fittings and fasteners. 
Zuudee BYD TITANIUM has working staff more than 100 people, including more than 20 technical experts. We own more than 8000 square meters of workshop, with a vacuum melting, electroslag remelting, forging, heat treatment, machining, quality inspecting and so on a full-line production system. Establish the raw materials management, equipment management, process management, quality control management, production planning management and some other strict and perfect production management system to ensure that the excellent production quality and production cycle, meet the titanium alloy materials of quantities and personalized production requirement at the same time.
Zuudee Holding Group(Named ’Zuudee’ below) is a well-known manufacturing group that specializing in the production of titanium and nickel alloy materials, the company have a long history of experience in the production of titanium and nickel alloys.  
Our head office/plant, Zuudee industry co.,Limited., Zuudee oil&gas division,is located in No.5455 Hunan Road ,Shanghai, in the North-East area of Damaiwan Industrial Park,Shanghai. Local sales offices located in  Changshu, Wuxi,Fuyang, are helping us to sell our quality products worldwide. Our products are mainly used in Oil & Gas, Offshore platform, FPSO, Petrol Chemical, Long distance pipeline, Sea water treatment, Nuclear power industry and so on. Through the years of rich experience, deep industrial knowledge background, good problem solving capability and constantly keeping abreast with the latest technology, Zuudee has gained high reputation in the industrial field from both domestic and international markets.
Strict quality controls are applied at every processing stage, all described and published in quality assurance procedures. The manufacturing history of every product is fully traceable. Testing facilities for the bar/tubular products include ultrasonic, hydrostatic, eddy current, and boroscope/ intrascope.

Zuudee BYD’s products are widely used in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, power stations, environmental industry, aerospace industry, shipping industry, heating furnace, metallurgical industry, mechanical industry and other fields. We have a lot of markets around the world already, and get high praise from our clients since the good product quality, competitive price and warm customer service.
We adhere to the “quality of life, faith is basic” business purpose, in order to provide you with high quality products, warm services and competitive prices, we would like to long-term cooperation and common development with our clients!

We design/manufacture special fasteners and parts as per your drawings or samples with a diverse choice of advanced materials,such as titanium and nickel alloys.
We manufacture raw materials, machine parts to your drawings and then make ready for delivery.
We can communicate with you at regular European and American Time, and to offer a prompt response on demand.
We can work in English, German,French and Spanish,etc.
We take both small and big jobs.
We focus on special metal alloy parts.
We are always trying to be better on quality,price,service and delivery!
June 16th 2008